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Fiji is made up of 333 islands and we can get you to most of them.  It is known for it’s palm lined beached and coral reefs but we like to get you exploring more.  Enjoy the adventure capital of Fiji, cruise the beautiful islands, go far and wide and spend time on remote islands, there is something for everyone in Fiji.  You will be welcomed with huge smiles, a huge Bula and Fiji will be engraved in your heart forever.
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unlimited possibilities in fiji

Travel within Fiji opens the doors to an immense amount of beauty all in the one place.

 Fiji is an archipelago of more than 300 islands scattered across 200,000 square miles of the South pacific Ocean and home to more than 700,000 friendly people. But it is more than a bunch of island plonked in the middle of the Pacific Ocean; it is a wonderful holiday destination with many surprising aspects to enjoy.

Fiji enjoys a warm and pleasant temperature throughout the year average 22deg celsius May – October which is the dry season and 25deg celsius November – April the warm, wetter season.  Water temperature averages 25deg celsius year round.

Enjoy the mainland for your land and water based activities and five star resorts to kick back and relax or get out to one of the many  islands for your off the grid experience.  From family friendly resorts to all inclusive adults only, there is something for every one here in Fiji.  With sunsets to remember, friendships to be made with the locals, why wouldn’t you come and explore this unlimited amount of beauty.

If there is something you wish to do and you can’t find it here, please let me know and I will make it happen for you.

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