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Malolo Island is an idyllic Fiji island paradise where you escape modern day living and relax on golden sandy beaches underneath a coconut palm.  Malolo is 100% Fijian owned and it’s about reconnecting with family and friends without the distraction of ‘mod-cons’. Perfect for families and couples and you can fill your day with a myriad of activities or simply unwind and do nothing.  Your island paradise awaits.


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  • Island Bures
  • Oceanview Bures
  • Deluxe Oceanview Bures
  • Family Bures 
  • Tadra Beach Bure



  • Welcome drink on arrival
  • Non motorised water sports
  • Guest cocktail party (Saturday)
  • Meke entertainment (Saturday)
  • WiFi in public areas
  • Tadra Beach Bure includes welcome bottle of wine and fruit platter

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open year round

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Malolo island

A resort that it well aware that it sits in a pristine but fragile ecosystem that traverses both land and sea so as a Resort we operate sustainable tourism. We are about the culture and the people as well and provide livelihood opportunities for improving and helping island communities and individuals through the development of businesses that provide jobs training and on going development.

The history of Fiji, according to mythology, begins about 1500 BC with a voyage of giant war canoes from Taganika north of Egypt. Leading the armada on the giant double hull canoe “Kaunitoni” was the able seafarer warrior Chief Lutunasobasoba assisted by his General Degei.

Legend has it that the armada was carrying some special cargo – treasures from the Temple of King Solomon in Judah including a special box called the Katonimana (Kato meaning case and Mana being magic), which in Fijian literally means the “Box of Blessings”.

The Fijians believe that this box is still buried today in the oceans between Likuliku Lagoon Resort (next door to Malolo Resort) and Mana guarded by two giant clams. It is this box that they believe has brought great blessings to all the villages in the area and the people who visit the islands.